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image Prodigy Investment Management is a niche service provider in the investment management space, whose approach is unconventional and unique. This unconventional approach called Reverse Research looks for pockets of strength in the Market using our proprietary indicators to uncover high quality undervalued growth stocks that are likely to enter a phase of accelerated growth.

Prodigy was founded in June 2004 with the vision of providing a growth oriented and a process-driven approach to investment management which has now been fine tuned into the Reverse Research approach to investing.

Prodigy, through Reverse Research, looks for unique businesses that are driven by their internal strengths, secular economic trends or structural changes. These businesses should be run by passionate, ambitious and honest promoters for us to invest in them.

Our strength is to identify, understand and closely track such opportunities. Should we find the idea to be investment worthy, we look for suitable entry and exit points based on both fundamentals and momentum. Our focus is on the emerging bluechips and bluechip segment.

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We are committed to distributing a part of the realized gains in the portfolios on a periodic basis, in the spirit of "Invest Well. Celebrate Life."

Prodigy provides services to over a 100 high net worth families.

We believe in and love what we do!

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